Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pleasantview: Round 1 - Langerak-Pleasant

In my last update, I said that Kaylynn had moved in with the Pleasant family.  Well, that was briefly true, but then she moved out to her own place.  I felt that she really deserved a chance to have a life of her own and pursue her own happiness since she had been included in the story of Pleasantview to begin with.

Kaylynn's fondest wish is to have six grandchildren.

In order to support herself, she took a job in Entertainment as a stand up comedian. 

She really wanted to marry Daniel, but since he was still married, she decided to try dating some other men. She very briefly dated Carlos Contender - like once.

Then she paid the full §5000 simoleons to the matchmaker to try to find the perfect man. 

The matchmaker sent Joe Graham.  They had good chemistry, but Kaylynn really needed a man that would be around a little longer.  Joe did not have much time left.  Daniel was older, but he wasn't an elder yet.

Now completely broke, Kaylynn hatched a plan to get the man she really wanted, even though he is already taken.  She invited him over. 

As a surprise, she also invited his wife, Mary-Sue.  It quickly became apparent to Mary-Sue that Daniel really was cheating on her, even though he had convincingly denied any involvement with other women in the past.

She was livid!  And as you can see, Kaylynn cannot hide her happiness at seeing her plan working.

She couldn't resist rubbing it in Mary-Sue's face a little more by making out with Daniel right in front of her.

She then asked Daniel to move in with her, and probably out of fear of going home to Mary-Sue, he agreed.

Unfortunately, he was also really broke. 

He got a promotion.

But the next day he managed to get fired. Again.

He and Mary-Sue were technically still married, so they had to fight it out some more before they could get divorced. 

It literally had to come to blows.

And I thought it was awful - the lengths sims have to go to to break up.  I didn't like seeing them beat each other up.

Finally, Daniel had the option to end his marriage.

After all that drama and awfulness, she seemed surprised that it was actually over between them.

And as mad as she was, she still cried.

And then of course they illogically kissed goodbye when Daniel asked her to leave.

In Daniel's defense, I should mention that for awhile he had a fear of breaking up with Mary-Sue, and he also briefly wanted to fall in love with her again.  Unfortunately, he already had his chance to fulfill his wants when we were at his house, and he wanted to cheat on his wife back then.  It was now Kaylynn's house - and her turn to get what she wanted.  She wanted Daniel.

And from there on out, Daniel was even happier than he ever was with Mary-Sue.  Kaylynn was much more his type, and even with the financial sacrifices he really had a lot of chemistry with Kaylynn that was very much lacking with his wife.  And he wasn't the best father, so he really didn't miss being away from his daughters.

He may have missed his newspapers, though.

Mary-Sue liked to come by and swipe them every day for quite a long time.

Kaylynn looks thrilled with her job in entertainment.

But that might just be because she has to wear a clown suit now.

But now she can ditch the clown suit to be a mime.  That may not be much of an improvement, though.

But life was definitely improving in other ways.  Her dreams were coming true when Daniel finally proposed to her.

They got married right away before he lost his nerve.

♪ Raven hair and ruby lips...  ♪

Kaylynn loved tinkering, and liked to work on the car she was restoring for Daniel in her underwear, much to Mary-Sue's continued annoyance.

♪ ...sparks fly from her finger tips... ♪

Daniel just cannot seem to keep a job in music.  It's not looking that hopeful that he will fulfill his LTW as a Rock God.

He got a temporary job in Law Enforcement to help pay the bills.

And the sparks continued to fly from her fingertips for quite awhile.

She was definitely a much more exciting woman than Mary-Sue ever was.

♪ She held me spellbound in the night, dancing shadows and firelight... ♪

Kaylynn finished the car for Daniel while he was at work.  He came home to a beautiful wife, and a beautiful car...

And they both got promotions...

And he got to try once again to make it in the music industry.

Kaylynn now has green paint flying from her fingertips.  Too bad there isn't a song for that.  ;)

I'm sure Mary-Sue does think Kaylynn is a Witchy Woman. Poor Mary-Sue.  She came walking by to witness the happy couple going out on a date.  Hopefully, she will be able to move on soon and find her own happiness.

Uh-Oh, Mrs. Crumplebottom is keeping an eye on them again tonight.

But that didn't stop them from taking a risk and going into the photo booth.

♪...she can rock you in the nighttime... ♪

At the end of Kaylynn's week, Daniel was able to have some refreshing juice to keep him from aging too quickly.

This is their house as we leave.

It has been expanded a bit.  I forgot to take a picture at the start, but it is the house next to the Calientes.


  1. Well that certainly played out differently then I expected. Poor Mary-Sue, but Daniel and Kaylynn seem pretty happy.

  2. Gosh I'm rather late to the Uber Good Times party!
    If you're still playing the 'hood though I'd love to see more updates. :)