Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pleasantview: Round 1 - Pleasant

At first glance it would seem as though Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant had a happy marriage.

Although it would be a stretch to believe their twin daughters Angela and Lilith are pleasant.

These are each of their lifetime wants.

They went ahead and started on Mary-Sue's and Lilith's lifetime wants by adopting two kittens, Attila and Baby-Cakes.

Daniel couldn't help but admire their beautiful mail carrier.  Checking out women was what he did best.

But his heart was with Kaylynn, the family's maid.

He took her out on a date to a downtown restaurant - Bernard’s Botanical Dining.  There they took some pictures...

And some "more pictures"...

They forgot to check to make sure that the local scary old widow Mrs. Crumplebottom was not there. She had a strong dislike for any public displays of affection.


Kaylynn got a real beating from Mrs. C's purse full of dusty bricks.

And an unforgettable lecture about stopping her slutty ways and becoming a respectable member of society.

Mary-Sue came home from  work after getting promoted to Lobbyist.

She thought there was something off about the maid's total avoidance of making eye contact with her.  She hoped that Daniel was not cheating on her with the attractive maid in the skimpy uniform, but she couldn't help but have her suspicions.

Suspicions which would seem to be confirmed by the fact that the woman knew her name and was calling their house to talk to Daniel about... cleaning?

But Daniel was really good at melting Mary-Sue's heart and telling her what she wanted to believe - that he loved her and would never so much as look at another woman, much less cheat on her.


For a very brief time Angela tried to be friends with her twin sister Lilith.

But that didn't last a full day.  The bad feelings between them ran too deep.  Of course, their father Daniel did nothing to try to teach his girls to be nice to each other and to get along.  That was Mary-Sue's job, along with everything else unpleasant.  But hey, he was a supportive husband.  After all, it was his idea to hire the maid so that Mary-Sue wouldn't have to do all the cleaning.  He told himself he was a great husband and father.

Daniel loved his life.  He had it made.  He loved his job, and dreamed of the day when he'd make it to the top to be a rock god - any day now.

His lowly job at the record store didn't stop him from trying to convert others to his musical taste.

Unfortunately, he couldn't convince a die-hard country fan to appreciate rock 'n roll, which got him fired.

Daniel saw this as just a temporary setback.  Soon when he was a rock god, no one would question his opinions or his awesomeness.

Meanwhile, a smart and hard-working Mary-Sue got another promotion to campaign manager.  She and Daniel are complete opposites.  She was very young and naive when she married him, and had no idea that among his many flaws, he was incapable of holding and keeping a real job.

It was too bad that Lilith couldn't seem to get along with anyone in her family, and neither parent would even help her with her homework.  Poor girl. 

In contrast, Angela was the favorite of both her parents, and she also had a lot of friends.  She invited them all over for a roof raiser party.

She and Melody Tinker have become best friends.

They both seemed to have an inexplicable crush on Alexander Goth.  Hopefully, that won't cause problems with their friendship.

It looks like Daniel is in full seduction mode.

He's on another date with Kaylynn, "trying on clothes."

Daniel really did have it all.  He had beautiful lover who excited him, a trusting, hard-working wife who supported him, a beautiful home with beautiful furnishings, two beautiful daughters who defied the laws of genetics and had his red hair.  Life couldn't get any better, and since he was so awesome, life just had to go his way.

Well, what he didn't realize is that things were about to change.  Kaylynn's wants were going to have an impact on his life.

And Kaylynn wanted to have six grandchildren.

And I know this because Kaylynn was now a part of the family.

Check back soon to read the rest of the story...

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  1. Wow, life in the Pleasant house is about to change drastically. That's a pretty crazy twist at the end there.