Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pleasantview: Round 1 - Broke

When Brandi isn't starving, smelly or exhausted, she's a pretty good mom.  This is almost never, poor lady.

But she did pretty well at first.  She was able to work on potty training with little Beau.

And teaching him to walk.

Dustin wanted an easel, and was fairly happy to do some painting when he wasn't angrily tying to ruin the canvas.  It seemed to calm him down and keep him out of trouble in his time of low aspiration.

Brandi wants to reach her golden anniversary.  That will be difficult without a husband, and she's too tired and busy to go look for one.

Dustin wants to reach the top of the law career, which makes me wonder why he's currently a criminal.  Maybe he's doing research to understand the criminal mind, LOL.

Beau just wants the basics - to learn to walk, talk and go potty by himself.

One skill down, two to go.

But she's really not feeling so good now.

Skip left her with a little surprise before his "suspicious pool ladder accident."

She made helping Dustin learn to study a priority.  It seemed especially important since he was the only one with a job right now.  He needed to keep up his grades in school.  Although it really shouldn't matter in the criminal career, LOL.

Of course, he didn't really want to do homework, but he did want to get into private school, which would require him to have decent grades.

Brandi loves painting, but she's rarely up to it.  At her current skill level, they would starve to death on the money she earns.

I don't know why, but I got the impression that Brandi wanted a pet.  The family strikes me as being more of a dog-loving family with the boys.

They called the pet adoption place and decided to adopt a puppy and name him Anchovy.

What I failed to notice was that pets cost at least $399, and they don't have it.  Oops!

Who needs burglars when you've got animal cops. :P

Awww, but it was worth it to lose Dustin's bed.  Look at that happy little boy!  He's so excited to have a puppy.

Beau has learned all his toddler skills.  If he grows up right now, he can go to school this morning.

Beau is a super adorable kid.

Even in poverty and with a single mom, he grew up very well-adjusted.

He missed the bus, but he got to walk to school anyway. ;)

I really want to find and hurt all the stupid trash can kickers.  No one is even mad at Brandi - yet, but they still kick over her garbage, and she is exhausted.

Having the puppy inside was probably not the best plan, but they will just scold the poor thing and clean up the mess until he's old enough to go outside. 

He chose "Farms."

And he earned $800 - which was great because they are "broke."

Awww, more Beau/puppy spam.

That will be handy if they can ever afford to buy anything.

Brandi met Drake, one of Nina Caliente's lovers, at one of her parties.  She wants to be friends with him.  Uh-huh.

Brandi is exhausted/hungry/smelly/bored, so Dustin is an awesome big brother and helps Beau with his homework.

Thankfully they're good enough friends to play red hands, the most fun you can have unless you have some yard art to kick.

Except a want to sneak out with her which quickly passed, Dustin never rolled a want to see or talk to Angela or brought her home from school.  He checked out several girls, but he only has a 1 bolt attraction with any given girl so far, including the paper girl.  He hasn't want to date anyone so far.

Yes, the food goes in there.  Go in the kitchen and get some.

She wants to get married again.  She should not let her dates see her eat until after the wedding.

She tried to do one thing too many.  Oops, my bad.

Finally!  I'm sick of needy, pregnant Brandi.

Whoa, a pink jumper!  You know what that means - a baby girl!  I didn't think that was possible for her to have a girl.  She named her Emma.

Brandi really wants to get married again.  I will have to try to make that happen for her, I guess.

Dustin looks happy to have a baby sister, although he should know he'll have to take care of her a lot of the time.

It looks like Drake is still really perturbed that Geoff stole his lover Nina.  Maybe he's on the rebound now.

Cool - maybe I can get Dustin in the garden club one day.

But there's no time for that now, poor guy.  He's always overworked.

Too bad Dustin doesn't have the money or the space for a drum set.

Beau got an A+, but he'll have to wait for congratulations until his mom finishes telling Drake a dirty joke. :P

Brandi is afraid to change diapers.  This is about the point where Brandi rolled a want to have 10 children.  I wanted to reach through the screen and smack her.

Anchovy grew up, and now he can go pee outside without help.

Nina is visiting, and she gets into a conversation about her many adventures in the land of woohoo.

It was a little awkward when Brandi reminded Nina that her husband is dead now, and she hasn't had any of that since she conceived Emma.  I don't know why they are even friends.  They don't really seem to have anything in common.

Okay, I take that back - they have one thing in common, LOL.  ACR kicked in before I realized it.  This might seriously affect her relationship with her friend Nina.

I figured that even though they have little money, he's earning it.  Okay, well he's stealing it, LOL, but at least he's bringing home money.  He deserves to get the phone he wants.

Since he's a fortune sim with very little money, I figured he would likely want to bet since he had a hot tip.

And his horse won!

I think Emma is a really cute kid.

Fortunately, her one toy is the little xylophone.

Dustin truly is the head of this household.

He takes care of everyone and pays the bills.

I see that Brandi found the fridge on her own for once.  I wish instead of stuffing her face, she would serve a meal without me telling her to do it.

I don't hate Brandi, but she is so needy all the time.  It's nice when she is happy enough to be a good mom.

Karen St. Julien came along and kicked over the trash can.  I wanted to kill her, but I had no good non-cheaty options.  I had Anchovy growl at her, even though he's been trained not to.

When she scolded him, it made me even madder!  Kill, Anchovy!  Kill!!!


Brandi checked out Goopy and decided he's gross.  LOL, good call.

Dustin got promoted to pickpocket.

I thought this was a really cute picture.  Anchovy looks like he's smiling. 

Brandi wants to get engaged to Drake.  If she still has the want when she wakes up, I'm going to let her do it, even though they only have one bolt of attraction.

First thing the next morning, Brandi invited Drake over.  She was really anxious to propose.

And now they are engaged.  There is no red ring for him, so this is a good sign, right?

Brandi went ahead and had Drake move in.  I thought it would be nice to have a wedding for them in the next round.  Beau seems happy to have Drake join the family, and waves at him as he heads off to school.

Yay, no more poverty!

And he already has a job as a Projectionist (level 6) in the Slacker career.

Oh, no!  Bad choice, Brandi - he's a romance sim, he's afraid to marry you. and he will cheat on you. :P


  1. Oh man....Brandi was really rough for you it seems. I've never seen her have a girl, but Emma is adorable. Too man she wanted to get engaged to Drake. Oh well, her choice I guess.

    1. Yeah, I did not enjoy playing Brandi. She is always the neediest sim. And she really messed up choosing Drake, I fear.