Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pleasantview: Round 1 - Caliente

I played this family back on July 24-25, so it's been a few months and I don't remember as much as I would like. But almost everything my sims do in this Uberhood is based on their wants panel. ACR is also a factor. So that is how almost every choice is made - it is based on their wants.

I realize that this is not the Caliente  house, but I fixed up the Goth home after I finished playing their house and blogging about it.

I thought I should show some pictures since it may be a very long time before I get back to their family again. Also, it kind of applies since...

Mortimer has just left it.  Even though Mortimer showed no interest in Dina in the last update, he also showed no interest in Bella even though Bella had returned and put the moves on him.  All Mortimer cares about is learning skills, so I figure he can do that at the Caliente house just as easily as at the Goth mansion.  Well, except for the distractions.  

Dina knows how to distract him from his studies.  Even Rod Humble looks slightly distracted,  and that isn't even possible.

He doesn't seem to mind marrying her right away out on the sidewalk.  She was in a big hurry to marry him.  I love her wedding dress.

Even though Mortimer brought a lot of cash with him, he didn't qualify as a rich sim.

They decided to take an island honeymoon.  The bellhop looks pretty impressed that the old guy has such a young, hot wife.

Every penny of Mortimer's money, that is.

Mortimer takes the opportunity one night while Dina sleeps to work on his relationship with his son Alexander.

Shame on you, Mortimer.  But Dina sees him and doesn't seem upset that he's noticing the beautiful island girls.

 It looks like he got a little bit of a tan on this trip.


 They had a wonderful vacation.  Dina came back feeling a little tired.

They discovered they really enjoyed fooling around in the hammock.  Notice the angry Kaylynn in the background.  I guess they didn't notice, or didn't care.

 Wow, Dina is really hungry.

 Too hungry to cook.

Mortimer came to the rescue with some burgers. 

 Nina wanted some new clothes, so she got a makeover as well.


 She wants to be a celebrity chef, so I thought she should dress a little better for the job.

While she was in town, she met this townie who probably has another name, but in my game is named Drake Collin.

 Apparently they hit it off right away.  Nina moves fast.

 Even though she wasn't feeling too well, Dina headed of for her first day of work.


 Her LTW is to become the Hand of Poseidon.

 Nina is looking pretty bored.  That is a bad thing for her.

I was concerned that something was going to happen between these two while Dina was at work, but thankfully nothing did.  I love Nina's expression.

Nina is in the military until she can find a culinary job.  What better place for her to meet men?

 Dina is beginning to wonder if she's pregnant, but she looks happy at the prospect.

Mortimer has been working out.  His LTW is to Max All Skills.

 Nina busts a move for Brandon Lilliard.

I thought it was funny that the Oldies came by and fell in love with each other again, while Mr. Oldie is swooning over Nina.

Nina is putting the moves on Brandon - not too surprising.

I think this is my favorite picture in the update with Nina trying to salute Kaylynn.

Even though Don is married to Cassandra and has a couple of kids now and each of them has another guy, Kaylynn and Nina are still mad at each other.  Brandon tries not look - he's probably smart not to get involved.

 And now they are slapping each other.

 Great party. 

But it somehow ended up being a roof raiser.

 Someone wanted an expensive car.  I think it was probably Dina, but I can't remember.

 Mortimer takes a study break.  I think I see where this is going.

Drake somehow sneaked over with a pinball machine for Nina.

 Oh no, we don't really need more drama.  Go away, Daniel!  LOL

I think Nina and Drake must be either standing on the newspaper or blocking the trash can. I'm loving Kaylynn's expression so much.

 But these two are oblivious to other people right now.

With great effort, Mortimer finished his athletic skilling.  Now he only has to finish his mechanical skills and a little more charisma, and he can die a happy man.

I think Nina is talking to Don on the phone.  I don't think Drake likes being ignored, but I guess she's done rolling wants for him for the time being.

Still ignoring Drake, Nina greets Brandi right before she has to head off for work.  She finally got a job working in culinary.

I decided that Nina was definitely the type of girl to teach them a lesson, even though I really didn't trust that it was the right decision.

Oddly enough, it worked out in her favor.

I think this was actually a party.  Mortimer is his usual entertaining self.  These two guys are "friends" of Nina.

Of course, Dina went into labor during the party.

She gave birth to a baby boy and named him Morty, Jr.

And the first person he thinks about is not his mom, but Aunt Nina.  Babies are so ungrateful sometimes, LOL.

Meanwhile, Mortimer has failed to tear himself away from his mechanical studies because they are just so fascinating. He has already done the whole new dad thing a couple of times, anyway - nothing new to see there.

I guess Nina didn't realize that Drake was still in the hot tub.  He must have realized that she's on a date with her newest love interest, Geoff Rutherford.

He was not happy with her.

Geoff ignored the drama between Nina and Drake and tried to distract them by talking about the new baby.

I thought it was funny that after all the anger and slapping, they still kissed when she asked him to leave.

That incident should have sent Geoff running, but Nina was a smooth talker.


I find it funny that Drake still brought Nina a bouquet of flowers, even though she's on a date with another guy.

Geoff has chipmunk cheeks for some reason. LOL

That didn't stop her from doing what she does best.


More than once...

Drake stays furious for now, stealing the newspaper - saving them a trip to the compost bin.

Motherhood seems to suit Dina pretty well.  I made family her secondary aspiration.


Morty, Jr. spam.

It looks like Nina and Don are back together again. Not the best plan, but it's what she wanted.

Why are Nina and Don standing by the car?  I'll let you use your imagination.  Let's just say that they more than made up.  Dina would probably be unhappy to know that they're using her car for that. :P

I guess Nina feels like a rock star.  She certainly acts like one.  She wanted a guitar.

It's time to celebrate Morty Jr.'s birthday.  Dina is having a great time, LOL.

Awww, little Morty turned out to be a real cutie.  I'm so glad Mortimer was alive to see him become a toddler.  Mortimer's time is so short now.  Unfortunately, he has to get right back to studying.

Dina's dead husband came back from the grave for a visit.  He seems worried about his sister Bella.  Maybe he's unhappy that Dina married Mortimer. 

He really doesn't like little Morty Jr..

He's a bit of a menace as a ghost.

Meanwhile, Mortimer is missing the haunting as he has gone to the library to do some more skilling.  He knows he is very near the end.

I'm just wondering what teenage girls are doing hanging out at the library this late at night.  Nerds.

After he learned all he could about mechanics at the library, he remembered he still needed a little more charisma.  He headed to a clothing store to use their mirror to practice his public speaking.  Of course, he ran into his son-in-law out and about in the middle of the night.  Most likely Don is up to no good - looking for women.

Mortimer was finally able to reach his LTW.

He knew his time was very short, so he invited his children over to say goodbye.  He told Cassandra how much he admired the woman she had become.

And gave her one last hug.

He went to hug Alexander, but alas...

He ran out of time.  His escort to the afterlife had arrived.  As sad as it is, he and Alexander had spent time together recently, and they had become very good friends.

Poor Dina.  But she needs to learn to stop marrying old guys.

But I guess she does enjoy the benefits - the old ones usually have more money than the younger, more durable ones.

I know you're sad, but come on - you just got $19,600.  You're still young.  Maybe you can marry a few more rich guys before it's your turn to go.

I do feel sad for Morty, Jr. He barely got any time with his father before he was taken away.

Nina seems okay, as long as she has plenty of male attention.

Dina caught Nina and Don together.  I find it disturbing that she is choosing this time to swoon.

Teddy bear haunting spam.

As I said, Michael is getting to be a menace.  If I wasn't so entertained, I might move him to the cemetery. 

Haha, well I guess I may have to move him if he starts bothering little Morty later on.  It wil be interesting to see if Mortimer's ghost will be a problem, too.

As we leave the Caliente sisters, I'll show you my makeover of the house.  I think some paint and new windows make it look a little better.


  1. Whew that was quite a round. Lots of romance, lots of hauntings. I love with Morty Jr. he's so cute!

    1. I'm so sorry - I just now noticed you commented forever ago, and I never published it. Thank you for reading and commenting, ciyrose. I'm just terribly inconsistent when it comes to blogging.